Tattoo Removal

Back Tattoo Removal
Permanent Ink?  We think not.

○ Safely remove unwanted ink.
○ Remove even stubborn colors.
○  We offer cooling and topical anesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable.
○  See a difference in just a few short weeks.
○ We always offer honest assessments so you can manage your expectations.  
Tell us your story. What is your reason for your tattoo removal journey?

Do you have an ex’s name permanently inked into your skin or perhaps another tattoo that’s worn out its welcome? You don’t have to live with skin art for your lifetime. REGEN Laser offers laser tattoo removal at our spa. Clients are welcome to erase bad memories from their flesh, whether they’re in plain black ink or a collection of colors. Using lasers to remove tattoos is a proven method that countless people use across the country. We specialize in skin treatments using the latest methods and technologies for a variety of aesthetic issues and conditions. Let our skin care specialists remove your tattoo so that you’re no longer branded with a regretful choice of visual expression.
Successful Treatment Using the Quanta Q Plus Laser

At our practice, we use a special piece of industry technology known as the Quanta Q Plus Laser to remove tattoos from our clients’ skin. This aesthetic laser works by emitting certain wavelengths of light energy to break down particular colors of ink into small particles. When the particles are small enough, the body can naturally absorb and process them. The Quanta Q Plus laser uses heat energy distributed by a laser beam that fires at a length of nanoseconds. Various colors of ink respond differently to the energy given off by the laser, and successful tattoo removal relies on certain wavelengths to break them down. The Quanta Q Plus laser incorporates three separate lasers to effectively remove tattoos with the necessary wavelengths. This means REGEN can remove even those stubborn colors.  This laser is the gold standard in aesthetic treatment options, and we proudly use it to deliver the best results possible for our clients.  
Laser Tech with Quanta Q Plus C
Unmake Your Mark With REGEN Laser

We value your aesthetic needs, and our treatment options rely on safe and effective technology to ensure your satisfaction and wellbeing. When you have a tattoo that needs removal, we’re ready to erase the ink while keeping you as comfortable as possible. We welcome questions about the treatment options we provide, so feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment with our team of skin care professionals.

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