Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
Did you know smiling makes you happy?  It's true.

The act of smiling can make you feel better, and whiter brighter teeth will make you want to smile more. 

○ Instant whiter teeth in one procedure.
○ Safe for everyone.
○ No pain
○ Proven long lasting effects.

Now all you have to do is smile and see people smile back at you.  
Is Teeth Whitening Safe?
Yes! Millions of teeth whitening procedures are performed every year around the world. We transform smiles using the Beaming White teeth whitening system, which works with blue LED light. Studies have shown that blue light is the safest for the teeth and gums due to its gentle energy. The Beaming White teeth whitening process is completed in stages. The gradual lifting of stains can help keep side effects like sensitivity to a minimum.

Am I a Good Tooth Whitening Candidate?
Most adults are excellent candidates for teeth whitening. Once again, the Beaming White teeth whitening treatment stands out because it is made to work using cool blue LED light, not harsh light that could burn or irritate the gums. As a result of the gentleness, Beaming White can be appropriate even without a recent dental exam. We do support routine dental exams and cleanings for their preventative benefits and the way that they polish debris that can dull the smile. However, these appointments are not a pre-requisite for our gentle teeth whitening process.
Super White Teeth
Is teeth whitening okay if I have crowns, fillings, or veneers?
You can have teeth whitening even if you have dental restorations. However, it is important to understand that your fillings, crowns, or veneers will not lighten as a result of the whitening process. Only your natural teeth will gain brightness. What this does is limit the extent of whitening we can do in order to match the shade of your restorations.

Is tooth whitening painful?
No. Beaming White teeth whitening is designed for gentle effectiveness. The concentration of the hydrogen peroxide gel is only 16% as opposed to about 25%, which is common for dental office whitening. The lower concentration can be ideal for people with sensitive teeth as well as those who simply want a brighter smile without side effects. All effective teeth whitening treatments do have to break the barrier of tooth enamel. The hydrogen peroxide seeps into the pores of teeth to break apart the tiny particles that are causing discoloration. Because the whitening agent permeates enamel, it gets relatively close to more sensitive parts of your teeth. This can result in mild "zing" sensations or temporary sensitivity that lasts a few days after your treatment. You can use sensitive-teeth toothpaste to help mitigate this minor side effect.

How Long Does it Take to Whiten Teeth?
Your treatment consists of an application of whitening gel, which is 16% hydrogen peroxide. After the gel is set on the front of your teeth, you sit under the blue LED light for 20 minute sessions until your desired effect. It's that simple! Because the treatment is designed for gentle, gradual whitening, you can expect to see noticeable results after your second or third treatment, and can continue on with a fourth treatment if you want to elevate your smile even more.

How long do the effects of teeth whitening last?
The results of teeth whitening can be long-lasting. It all depends on your daily habits. To prolong the effects of your treatment, we suggest drinking through a straw when consuming beverages like iced tea and soda. If you drink coffee, hot tea, red wine, or juice, you can slow down the staining process by rinsing your mouth with water after you finish your beverage. It is also beneficial to brush using a whitening toothpaste and to floss your teeth daily to inhibit the formation of plaque, a biofilm that could degrade the radiance of your smile. Professional teeth whitening is convenient and effective, so you can maintain your bright smile by scheduling whitening touch-ups up to a few times a year as needed.

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