Single Session Pricing

For single session pricing click on the button below.  After the overlay slides out clock on the category you are looking for.  Then click on a service.  Choose a professional and prices for that service will pop up.     
You will never be charged for a consultation or service upfront.  The system will ask for a credit card to be put on file when booking services. 

Multiple Session Packages (Series)

Series must be purchased in store after a consultation.  We always suggest purchasing series for a couple reasons.  

○ Most services require multi-session commitments to be effective
○ There is a hefty savings when you buy series upfront compared to single session pricing.  

Save up to 20% buying series up front!

We are happy to consult with you in person or over the phone to help you understand our pricing structure.  Some series pricing we cannot give out without a proper in person consultation to determine the nature of services needed.  Please call us or set up consultation today.  

We love to talk.  Call us anytime during business hours.


Cherry Payment Plans
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