All of us need a little help to keep us in tip top condition.  Let REGEN help you with some of the common body and skin issues that everyone wishes they could make a little better.  
Body Contouring

Stubborn fat? Contouring with Vaser Shape

Even with diet and exercise most of us can still have some stubborn fat that we would like some help reducing. Let our body contouring with Vaser Shape give you the helping hand you need to acheive your goals.
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Remove Spider Veins

As we age, many of us develop unwanted blue or red spider veins and broken capillaries. These unsightly and annoying blemishes can now be safely and easily removed.
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Leg Veins
Hair Removal Face

Reduce and remove your unwanted body hair.

Our team uses the best laser treatment technologies from Lutronic. Our hair removal service is designed to provide a customized approach to each individual, based on their specific needs and preferences. The service is performed by trained professionals who prioritize safety, comfort, and effectiveness.

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Toes Feeling Funky?

Healthy nails are an essential part of your overall appearance. Our Nail Fungus Treatment targets and restores even the most stubborn nail concerns. Let us help you regain the beauty and confidence you deserve, one step at a time..
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Toe Fungus Removal
Fixing Your Smile

White Teeth and a Healthy Smile!

We all want a beautiful smile that is whiter and brighter. Our Beaming White treatments remove stains by penetrating the tooth structure, erasing stains and rejuvenating the color of your teeth.
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Thinning Hair? TED has you covered.

If you are one of the thousands of men and women who suffer from hair loss, Alma TED hair restoration treatment is an excellent solution for getting back what you’ve lost. The reasons for premature hair loss range from genetics and stress to illness and hormonal changes, and the result can be embarrassing and frustrating and can make you feel less like yourself. Alma TED is a new product that is changing the world of hair restoration.
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Fix Thinning Hair
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