Our mission is to help people feel better on the inside by offering them the ability to improve their appearance on the outside.  We strive to offer honest assessments combined with real world results. We only offer services and treatments that we know will give our clients good results.  

REGEN (short for regenerate)was formed in 2015 because we saw a need in the medical spa industry for a spa that had well trained personnel who did not make exaggerated claims about results.  We use the best technology combined with esthetic knowledge to formulate a path for you to look and feel better.  We also give you honest assessments and proper knowledge so that you may better understand your esthetic journey.  

Most of our services and treatments are considered non-invasive, but some such as microneedling do break the skin.  All are considered safe with little to no downtime.  We strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible, offering cooling and topical anesthetic when needed.  

We continually train and look for new treatments that we can offer our clients.  The technology we use is top of the line and cutting edge.  We keep all of our equipment and lasers operating in peak condition.   We hire only licensed estheticians who are state laser certified.  

REGEN is medically directed with a doctor on staff that has specific experience with our services.  Operating lasers and other high energy equipment involves specific knowledge and level of care that we take seriously.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments always feel free to voice those to your technician or contact management directly.
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