Scar Reduction

Scar Reduction
Do you have a scar that makes you a bit self conscious?  

REGEN can help reduce and lighten your scars.

Your surgical and injury scars will no longer be the first thing people see! While it might not be possible to completely remove certain types of scars, REGEN Laser offers treatments to significantly reduce and lighten them.
Laser Scar Reduction: Everything You Need to Know
Whether you are dealing with scarring from acne, surgery or a traumatic event, you have treatment options to help you refine the texture and pigment of your complexion. In many cases, laser scar removal alone or coupled with other treatments can provide you the results you hope to achieve.

What Is a Scar?
A scar is a result of your body’s healing process. Specifically, a scar is fibrotic tissue left behind due to irregular collagen formation to complete the healing process.

Types Of Scars We Treat
○ Atrophic  - Scars that form a depression.
○ Hypertrophic - Thick or raised scars.
○ Contracture - Scars that develop due to contraction or tightening of the skin.  

What Is Laser Scar Reduction?
Laser scar reduction can improve skin texture and pigmentation to reduce or eliminate the appearance of a scar. Various treatment methods can be used to supplement the effectiveness of cosmetic lasers. The means of treatment and how long it will take will be determined by:

○ Type of scar
○ Size of the treatment area
○ Skin type
○ Location of scar

Improve your look and reduce anxiety.
Even the smallest scar can be the source of self-consciousness and feeling anxious about your body. Laser scar reduction provides the opportunity to erase these perceived flaws almost anywhere on your body. Easily get rid of scarring, burns, acne scars, dark spots, and more with laser scar revision.

It’s time to embrace your body through a painless, effective scar removal treatment.

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