Melasma Removal

Worried about those spots?
Lighten those pesky red spots and areas.

○ Quick and easy procedures
○  Even out you skin tone
○  Remove spots and redness
○  Extremely effective
○  Very little recovery time
Melasma, age spots, and sun spots are very common.
Uneven skin tone is a common aesthetic problem we all notice as we age especially if we have an active lifestyle out in the sun. After years of unprotected sun exposure you will notice brown spots, freckles, sun spots.  These common concerns can now be removed and you can reveal your glowing complexion with sun spot/melasma removal.

Only take a few sessions.
Sun spot/melasma removal is ideal for reducing the appearance of pigment on your face, chest or hands including age spots, sun damage, freckles or some birthmarks. In just a few quick treatment sessions you will see a reduction in the appearance of brown spots leaving you with a more even skin tone and beautiful looking skin.

Short healing times.
We use the Clarity II™ to gently, safely, and effectively target superficial pigmented lesions such as PHI, uneven skin tone, freckles & more. After the treatment, treated pigments may darken, then form crusts, and fall off in 5-7 days.

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