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Laser Hair Removal with Clarity II

REGEN's non-invasive hair removal treatment will safely, effectively, and permanently reduce hair from targeted areas on your face or body.  Thanks to the fastest, most advanced lasers on the market, you’ll be hair free in no time!
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Tattoo Removal

While tattoos can last forever, you may not always want them to. Whatever your reason for seeking tattoo removal, REGEN can help you say goodbye to unwanted tattoos with the best laser technology available.
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Hair Restoration with Alma TED

Hair loss can affect both men and women and can be caused by many factors, including heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, stress, medications and supplements, and more. If you are bothered by or embarrassed by hair thinning or loss, REGEN can help. We are proud to offer the Alma TED  to help you achieve thicker, healthier hair.  A pain free, non-invasive procedure with zero downtime.  
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Body Contouring with VASER Shape

Cellulite or excess Fat and loose skin a problem? Not any more.  REGEN offers a non-Surgical cosmetic procedure that targets your problem areas using ultrasonic therapy and massage. It's also a great for some post-op procedures to reduce pain and swelling.
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Even Your Skin Tone

Laser Skin Care

Need more advanced treatment for skin care?  We have a variety of lasers here at ReGen Laser to combat aging, acne, melasma, and any other concern you may have.  Our trained laser technicians can offer you a complete customized package that includes our advanced technology based solutions for your skin concerns.   
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Skin Care

Whether you're dealing with acne, sun damage, aging skin, redness, or another concern, we will offer the right treatments to improve your complexion.  Ask our technicians about custom facials and other treatments designed specifically for your needs.  
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Skin Care

Teeth Whitening with Beaming White

When you are proud of your smile, you tend to smile more. Did you know that smiling improves your mood and makes you more approachable? Our Beaming White professional teeth whitening system will make sure that your teeth are bright and white. Giving you a beautiful winning smile.
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