Why You have to Try ReGen Laser Tattoo Removal

On July 24th, 2015


Beautiful tattoo by Carlos Haas at Tribal Rites in Boulder. An example of tattoo that does not need our services.

Are you one of the 45 million Americans that have a tattoo?  Are you one of the 28%* or 12.6 million Americans who are unhappy with some tattoo on their body?  Did you know that, currently, the safest and most effective way to remove tattoos is through the use of laser technology?  When properly used and in the right hands, laser tattoo removal does not damage the skin.  The laser only targets the tattoo pigment in the skin.  Did you also know that it could take many sessions to remove your unwanted tattoo.  At ReGen Laser we want to ensure that when we say our service is safe and effective that we mean it.  In order to do that we will be honest with you about the reality of removing your tattoo.  There is no magic bullet that is going to wash away all of your ink, but Regen Laser can get really close if you let us take the time necessary to safely remove your tattoo.


Dont' Do This!!!

Which leads us to the next possibility.  You already feel a little put off that you made a mistake, and now you have made the decision to remove that mistake.  You also know that removal isn't cheap.  Maybe you decided that going to a tattoo studio to have your tattoo covered up would just be easier, and they told you it had to be bigger and darker.  Maybe you got it covered up only to regret that choice as well.  Thus compounding the issue, and the money spent.  We want to offer a better solution.  ReGen has partnered with Tribal Rites Tattoo and Piercing's three Colorado locations to offer you that solution.  We know you want a nice tattoo, but maybe you don't want it bigger and darker.  In order to help this situation ReGen Laser will give you a gift certificate for 10% of the money you spent removing your tattoo towards a new tattoo.  Because the tattoo is from a Tribal Rites artist you know you won't be removing it.  By getting the tattoo knocked down instead of completely removed you accomplish two objectives.  First, you limit the amount of laser sessions you have to get, and second you sufficiently lighten the tattoo so the artist does't have to go bigger and darker.  Saving you possibly hundreds or thousands of dollars, and you get the 10% bonus gift as well.

Fore arm together

Let us do this.

Compare our very competitive prices listed right on the website, and do your own research on our equipment.  You will find that ReGen Laser is the tattoo removal clinic for you.


*28% based on a 2015 survey of 240 respondents in the Denver area.

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