Wavelengths Matter - Tattoo Removal

On August 5th, 2015

You have your choice in tattoo laser removal, but are you sure you are working with the right equipment?  Laser tattoo Quanta Q Plus C Laser Tattoo Removal Systemremoval is not cheap, but like most things in life you get what you pay for.  Some removal services are less expensive because the machines they use are less expensive.  This is because they don't have the power necessary to effectively move the ink, or they do not have the correct wavelengths to target your colors.  The first thing to know is that some companies advertise they have all of the effective wavelengths, but they are only being half truthful.  Some machines have one laser that can use "hand pieces" attached to the machine that mimic more wavelengths by bending light.  The problem with this is that the effective power output is reduced dramatically when using these extensions.  Thus you end up with little to no ink movementLaser Tattoo Removal Wavelengths at all. Make sure the company you work with has a machine that has three separate lasers. ReGen Laser uses the Quanta Q Plus C. This machine houses three separate lasers in one unit.  Without getting too technical, there are three wavelengths: Nd:YAg 1064nm for dark blue and black ink, Nd:Yag 532nm for red, orange, yellow, and purple, and the very important Ruby laser 694nm for blue, sky blue, black, green, and violet.  Tattoos these days often will have many of these tough to move colors, and without the proper wavelengths and power there is no way to remove the ink safely or effectively.  Check out our page about tattoo removal and see why ReGen Laser should be your first choice for all your tattoo removal needs. Easily book your appointment today online right now.  ReGen Laser is located inside Tribal Rites Tattoo and Piercing in Westminster, CO about 15 minutes outside of Denver. Sleeve B and A

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