The High Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

On October 28th, 2015

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How bad does it hurt is the most common question we get at ReGen Laser**.  The second most asked question is, why does it costTattoo machine and inks so much?  I think people have a misconception about the cost of laser tattoo removal because they didn’t spend nearly that much getting the tattoo.  The fact is that it can cost ten times or more the cost of your original tattoo to get it removed.  The basic reason is this:  The technology is expensive.  When you get a tattoo most of the cost is wrapped up in the artist’s talent.  The truth is that it can cost around only $500 to buy a machine and sufficient inks to tattoo someone.  Inks, machines, power supplies for the machines, and various sundries are relatively cheap for tattooing.  This is why there are so many really bad people running tattoo machines across people’s skin, and why ReGen laser is in business.  The old adage, “You get what you pay for.” is quite apt when getting tattoos.  You are paying for the artist’s talent, not their equipment, and barriers to entry in the tattoo industry are low.

It is the opposite in the laser tattoo removal industry.   Most of the cost is wrapped up in the laser itself, and a good laser that operates properly with proper calibration is extremely expensive.  I won’t divulge prices of different lasers or our laser, but let’s just say you could buy a house with the Laser equals housemoney spent on a good laser.  It is important to understand that not all lasers are created equal.  People buy cheaper lasers all day long, and try to pass them off as effective instruments.  Again, you get what you pay for.  Plus, you need proper training for laser technicians, and in the state of Colorado you must have a medical director that is a licensed physician who is familiar with your business which adds extra cost.  Upkeep of these machines is extremely expensive.  You can replace a tattoo machine, or fix it very cheaply.  This is not so with lasers.  They require expensive parts, and technicians who get paid very well to work on a machine that needs fixing.  We would love to be able to provide inexpensive removal for people, and we understand that sometimes money is tight.  Unfortunately, if you really want that tattoo removed, laser removal is your safest and best bet to get rid of that tattoo.  Like any business we must set our prices to reflect what the service is worth, and make a profit.  If we don’t, we won’t be there to offer you the service.

The good news for the consumer is that there is competition in the tattoo removal industry.  That means you have the ability to goodnewseveryoneshop around.  However, be careful, because as I said before, not all lasers are equal, and not all operators are equal.  ReGen’s Quanta Q-Plus represents the top tier in laser removal technology.  We spent a long time looking for a laser we felt gave us the necessary tools to get the job done right.  Also, all of our technicians are certified by an accredited college.  This is important because in Colorado you do not have to have this training to run a laser.  Using the machine safely and effectively is learned skill, and it is important that the person running that machine is well educated.

**See my blog piece here about Titled: “Laser Tattoo Removal –Does it Hurt?”

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-Mike Shuger
Regen Laser

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