Technicians & Medical Director


Judi Shuger

I was introduced to tattoo laser removal when I decided to start the process of removing a fairly large piece on my chest.  This tattoo was a cover up of a cover up.  It has tons of ink, and has been very stubborn.  So I know what it is like to get  removal done, and I am happy to relate my story.  Through my sessions I tried different companies and different lasers.  My results were inconsistent, but the ink was starting to lighten up after about six sessions.  My vastly differing experiences with this process lead me to think that I would like to do this process for others, and help them steer clear of the mistakes and problems that I had experienced.  My goal as laser operator is to make sure that each person knows exactly what to expect, and to make sure that I tailor a program that is going to be good for each individual client.

Medical Director

Dr. J Michael Caruso

We have one of the best medical directors you could find because Dr Caruso's clinic specializes in aesthetics and he has vast knowledge of working with lasers.  His clinic offers a vast array of services.  Of course, he does not do tattoo removal.  Which is why he is such a good fit for ReGen Laser.  Please take a look at the services he offers through his clinic Hyper Real Beauty.  Just click on the picture below.

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