Learning Patience: Limiting The Side Effects of Laser Tattoo Removal

On September 8th, 2015

black-man-thinking-e1331272149682We hear a lot from potential clients that they are scared of using tattoo laser removal because of some horror stories that people have experienced.  Some of these stories include:  No ink loss, extreme blistering, infection, hypopigmentation (loss of skin color), and scarring.  When dealing with any medical procedure there are some risks involved, but those risks can be minimized when specific protocols are followed.  It is important that the proper equipment be used, and more important that the person using the equipment knows what they are doing.Laser Tech 1

At ReGen Laser we specialize in creating safe and effective treatments.  Which means limiting any of those nasty side effects listed before.  In order to do this one of the measures we employ is to teach our clients that they need to be patient.  Tattoos go on easy, but it can take many session to remove them safely.  Side effects are always more probable if you become too aggressive with treatments.  There are a number of factors that go into deciding how to treat a specific tattoo such as skin type, ink color, presence of scarring etc.  The laser is designed to target only the tattoo pigments, but the laser needs to be respected as it is a powerful tool.  Laser technicians must decide how much power or fluence that they use for a specific tattoo.  Usually, we will start with a lower power setting for your first session, and then slowly increase the setting over multiple sessions if they are no ill effects.  The idea is to use the proper wavelength at the proper power setting to break up the ink without doing any more damage than is necessary.   Some people think that you have to blister or burn to remove a tattoo.  This is simply not true.  While some people may see some light blistering, this is not indicative of a better result.  This is why patience is important.  We see ink lighten plenty with proper treatments without being overly aggressive.  It is just a matter of having a good understanding of your skin and how it reacts to the laser treatments.  Also, follow your aftercare instructions carefully.  Often, side effects occur because of how you treat your skin and body after a session.


Blistering can happen, but it should be light. This is a very extreme case, and probably means the power setting was too high. If you do blister do not pick at them.

Some people think that you have to blister or burn to remove a tattoo.  This simply is not true.

  • Be patient and be prepared for multiple sessions.
  • Don’t get too aggressive with treatments
  • Blistering or burning is not indicative of better results
  • Follow your aftercare instructions carefully
  • Choose certified experienced laser technicians
  • Choose the best technology
  • Check our FAQ

As the tattoo gets lighter we may have to turn up the power a bit to get the last bits of ink, but that does not mean we have to burn you or scar you.  The ultimate goal is to remove the tattoo without causing any other permanent side effects.  This is very possible to do if you are just patient, and let the technician decide what is going to be right for you.

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