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Quanta Q Plus C Laser Tattoo Removal System

Quanta Q Plus C Laser Tattoo Removal SystemOur center piece is the state of the art Quanta Q-Plus C laser.  Unlike most lasers that only have one wavelength and can only service black and red tattoo colors, Regen Lasers’s Quanta Q-Plus C has three different wavelengths built right in to be able to hit all of your stubborn tattoo colors.

Some machines claim they can service all colors by using attached hand pieces that change the wavelength.  Unfortunately, by doing this the power output is so greatly reduced that those lasers just do not move the ink.

The Quanta Q-Plus C houses three separate lasers for much higher energy output and superior ink removal for all colors.  For more specs and info on this machine please go here:  Quanta Aesthetic Lasers



Zimmer Chiller

Zimmer ChillerFor maximum comfort during procedures we use a Zimmer Cryo 6 to cool your skin while the laser does its job.

No magic here.  This blows nice cold air onto the procedure area to dull some of the pain associated with the procedure.

Find more info here:  Zimmer Chiller





Topical Numbing Cream

As a value added service ReGen Laser offers a topical anesthetic free of charge for those people that want extra comfort during their procedures.  This is no off the shelf anesthetic.  We get this via prescription from our esteemed medical director Dr. J Michael Caruso.  The only caveat is that you have to show up at least 45 minutes before your appointment to allow the crème to work.  Just let you technician know ahead of time that you want the numbing cream.


Instant Ice Cooling Packs

We always offer instant ice cooling pack free of charge to our customers after the procedure.  Cooling the area takes away some of the sting after the procedure.  Please follow our after care advice when using cold packs.

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