Thank you, for using ReGen Laser’s online booking.  Just follow the simple steps below to create your appointment.  Start by choosing  whether you are coming in for a consultation or you are an existing customer with a removal in progress.  Call us if you would like an appointment outside our posted business hours.  If you have any questions please call 303-421-5714.

Important for mobile users:  If the calendar does not view properly please request Desktop View from your browsers menu.

Deposit Required for All Bookings! Please Read This:

We love our clients, but we love our clients even more when they let us know they cannot make the session.  Please understand,  just like your time, our time is valuable as well.  Due to an abundance of clients not showing for appointments we have instituted a $20 cancellation fee if you do not cancel 12 hours prior to booking for all appointments including consultations.  Credit cards are captured at the time of booking, but will not be charged if you show for your appointment.  The cancellation fee is non-refundable.  By booking with us you agree to this fee.